When we first heard news of Google Glass introducing music services at tMa, we were both intrigued and skeptical. As a DJ with an indie label, I got excited by the possibilities, and appreciated how Google got Young Guru to star in this video showcasing the service:

Seems amazing right? But I’m not so sure I’m buying it. If Google is trying to sell Glass to people like me, they’re going to have to try a little harder than a promo video with a respected artist. And while the thought of having music search and streaming services at the tip of your nose sounds good, the reality is that the execution of these tools are far from ready.

I’m trying to think of the ways I could incorporate Glass in my own music work, but I come up short. Until it can take directions directly from my brain, I’m honestly not finding much added value. I’m sure it will eventually count BPMs, distinguish keys, and play notes, but the thing is, I already do all of that with with my iPhone. And I sure can’t picture myself spinning in a dark crowded club with Glass on.

Joaquin DJing at SXSW

Joaquin DJing at SXSW

For that matter, everything Young Guru uses Glass for in the promo video can already be done on any smartphone: shazaming a song, streaming a track, translating language.  The video even suggests the use of Google Glass in the recording studio, but in reality, Guru is working how he always would, except now with a pair of clear glasses across his face. Google Glass is currently not much more than a limited smartphone w/o service for your face. But hey, at least when you walk into a room full of artists/producers wearing Glass, you’ll instantly be the coolest person in the spot… wait, no, you won’t.

As an entrepreneur and DJ, I’m already tied to my computer and phone too much as it is. I don’t need to listen to music on my face. Does anyone really NEED to? Spending time with people glued to their devices is already annoying enough, imagine hanging out with a group of friends in a club all blankly staring into space through Glass.

Like many DJs, I’m extremely tech savvy and always connected -- and I also tend to be a resistant adopter; it takes a lot to convince me to add another device to my setup. While many companies innovate towards positive impacts on society, the reality is that some are just creating more garbage to fill our planet. I’m still not sure which category Glass falls into yet.