It's been a long, busy week at theMIX agency, so we've put aside several interesting tech stories for the weekend:

When Women Stopped Coding from NPR's Planet Money is a radio segment that comes with an important graph (above), and explain in detail why there are relatively few women programmers. Based on growth rates in the 70 and 80s, women were actually on track to graduate with as many computer science degrees as men, but then in 1984, growth suddenly started falling. Why? Short answer: Marketing, and social expectations shaped by that marketing. Women were once interested in becoming programmers, and they can be again. We moderated a forum about this very topic earlier this year.

What Fuels 'GamerGate' Anger And Outrage? Gender, Power And Money by Tom Watson for Forbes summarizes the ongoing controversy that continues wracking the game industry: "Let’s face it, a segment of the gaming demographic is angry about a loss of dominance, a loss of control, a loss of license to act as they please with no ramifications – a loss of power."

And in the war for social network dominance, two stories worth reading: Mark Zuckerberg's Calculated Move to Learn Mandarin (from Atlantic Month) and Inside Twitter's ambitious plan to kill the password (from The Verge).

See you next week!