tMa Headquarters' Top Tapestry: Totally Trendsetters, Turns Out

tMa Headquarters' Top Tapestry: Totally Trendsetters, Turns Out

Ziptapestry is a seriously cool and useful web app from geolocation software company Esri that enables you to visually look up demographic data for any zipcode in the US -- not just by age, income and population density, but also by "Tapestry Segment", Esri's 67 lifestyle/ consumer profiles. (A very powerful marketing tool -- just see for yourself.)

Esri, we're very proud to add, is a former client of theMIX agency: we worked with them during the company's acquisition of another former tMa client, Geoloqi, founded by Amber Case. Amber put us in touch with the Esri colleagues who developed Ziptapestry, to give us more background on the service:

"The inspiration," Esri's Catherine Spisszak tells me, "is to put the power and accuracy of Tapestry in a geography that most people know and understand. While Tapestry is available down to the Block group level, many don’t know their block group code off the top of their heads. But everyone knows their ZIP Code and has a sense of the people that live in it. By offering an application that allows people to enter their ZIP Code and see the Tapestry make up and some demographics, they get exposure to the accuracy of our segmentation system and the breadth of our demographic offering." (Tapestry also enables searches by block code, for even more granular searches, but on a subscription basis.)

"I love to hear user feedback about how the description of the segments in their ZIP Code is exactly true," Catherine adds. Count us among them: The profiles are eerily accurate for every zipcode we looked up -- including theMIX agency's San Francisco zipcode, with all our Trendsetters and people lugging Laptops & Lattes.