We spend a lot of time thinking about Facebook and its influence on the tech industry; to keep up to date, here's some recent stories to read this weekend, starting with this long in-depth article from Wired:

Why Facebook Has Entrusted Its Future to the CEO of PayPal by Jesse Hempel:

He was offering Marcus an enormous job. It’s no exaggeration to say that Facebook’s future depends on the success of its mobile messaging application. Messaging is a modern version of the social graph—the web of social relationships that Zuckerberg first set out to map with Facebook. And in a recent public Q&A with users, Zuckerberg explained that it’s “one of the few things that people actually do more than social networking.” The company that controls the messaging platform will control the future of the way we interact with people and, quite possibly, with businesses.

Are Brands Afraid of Sharing Their Consumers' Data With Facebook? AdWeek, by Garrett Sloane:

Facebook has been meeting with marketers in recent weeks to get them comfortable with the platform, especially since it launched new ad technology in the fall. The company said that this data dialog will see even more urgency in 2015, with the industry widely embracing new tech-driven tactics. Facebook has a new ad server, Atlas, and ad products like Custom Audiences, which let brands use their email lists and other customer information to target their marketing... However, brands are sometimes reluctant to share their data with anyone, in an age of hacks and breaches where stolen email lists can be a PR nightmare. Also, advertisers are afraid of parting with data that could be used to benefit a rival. What if Facebook let Pepsi serve ads to Coke contacts? It's a real concern, and Facebook says it would never happen.

Facebook’s Ad Chief On Atlas, Video Ads, and Simplicity, Wall Street Journal, by Jack Marshall:

WSJ: What’s the future of location-based ads on Facebook?

Mr. Fischer: People are spending so much time on Facebook and Instagram on mobile. In fact, one in five mobile minutes are happening on Facebook. One of the things we see with holiday shopping is that 65% of people are on their phones when shopping, and location awareness ads are another step in the direction of helping marketers reach consumers while they’re shopping. We’re seeing as we can layer in better forms of targeting, such as location, our ads perform more effectively.

Core takeaway? The future of Facebook depends on messaging, mobile, and marketing revenue.