As we wind down the week to get ready for Thanksgiving, the tMa team sat down to think about the many things in tech we’re truly thankful for this year. Here’s our top ten:

Tim Cook: Big, gay, beloved. Forget the silly brogrammers and the fly-by-night Kalanicks -- we’re so proud the top person in tech (and for that matter, the corporate world at large) is a proud and out gay man and savvy capitalist who inspires us all.

Valleywag: Let’s just come right out and say it: When the major moral compass for the entire tech industry is a salacious gossip blog, something is deeply wrong with the tech industry. But gosh darn it, Denton, we’ll take it.

GamerGhazi: The best online community (on Reddit) for puncturing the vicious anti-feminist movement known as “GamerGate” with satire, snark, and smart analysis.

Uber Ethics: Executive Emil Michael’s recent snafu at a NYC “private” dinner has created a much-needed uproar about (un)ethical behavior for the transportation giant. And while Michael may not be a fan of the media fallout, it’s the public’s right to know whether the company they trust their lives with is so potentially corrupt. Thanks, Emil!

Women in Tech: Because tech is not a meritocracy, and it’s about time we start acknowledging it.

Skype: Emojis anyone? With offices in San Francisco and LA, Skype is an integral part of tMa office culture. Since we can’t be together on a daily basis Skype is our line of constant communication.

SpaceX. So what if one of its Falcon rockets had a not-so-happy ending? SpaceX is still one of the most ambitious projects in the tech industry—and no space project is without its crashes. Just ask NASA. Now, Elon, if only you could make the Hyperloop a reality.

Drones: One of the “buzziest” topics of the year. In 2014, drones made it onto the cover of Martha Stewart Living, helped produce your favorite wine, and were even used to shoot music videos like this one.

“Black Twitter”: Activists with a talent for hashtags promote African-American issues and force the media to pay attention, from Ferguson and beyond. For once, social media actually fulfills its utopian promises.

And Finally, Our Brilliant Clients: Full of great ideas and ambition and projects that actually make a difference to the tech industry and (dare we say) the world at large, we’re damn grateful to work with them every day.

How about you, dear reader? Add your own in Comments, or Tweet them at us. And have an excellent Thanksgiving!