Vanessa and Amber at yxyy.

Vanessa and Amber at yxyy.

Often times, acquired companies are never heard from again, so we were thrilled to see VentureBeat post this article today, outlining Geoloqi’s contributions to Esri. In 2012, we had the privilege of working with Amber Case, founder of Geoloqi, and our partnership helped lead to the company’s acquisition by Esri. (Much of this is described in in Amber’s tMa testimonial.) Here’s what she’s been doing for Esri since then:

After the acquisition, Amber became the head of Esri’s R&D center, and a year and a half later, Esri has released a new software development kit, made possible by Geoloqi’s technology, which allows developers to create “geofences” that trigger actions when people enter or leave a designated “fenced” area:

“Geotrigger Service opens up a whole world of use cases,” Amber says in a statement quoted by VentureBeat’s Eric Blattberg, “from stores wanting to engage customers to cities wanting to release an app to send civic alerts, local event information, or tourism info. Create an invisible button on a map, and when your phone gets within that button — that invisible region — something will happen. Your phone could even turn the lights on in your home as you pull into the driveway, and turn them off when you leave.”

We’re excited to see all the applications Amber and Esri’s Geotrigger Service will make possible, and can’t wait to see what she invents next.