Vanessa has a featured guest blog post on TechCrunch right now (just in time for SXSW!), offering advice to tech companies (especially startups) worried about internal leaks, during a time when social media and apps like Secret make them far more difficult to prevent:

For startup founders, whether you like it or not, you’re more vulnerable than ever before. And while the challenge may seem too daunting to deal with, a few proactive strategies can go a long way. In an age of real-time crisis communication, tech companies need to do more than keep a daily eye on social media channels where rumors about them are most likely to spread — they also need to have a plan in place to instantly counter those rumors. Is someone saying something untrue about your company, for example, insinuating they’ve heard it’s in financial trouble? Get in front of the rumor and refute it immediately before it snowballs.

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