Hello from GDC San Francisco, where we wear many hats! Most of theMIX agency is here working with our excellent game and game-related clients on multiple projects -- so if you’re here and in the game, mobile, and Internet advertising industries, we hope you get in touch with them:

Yodo1: Tonight at 7:30pm, the China-based mobile game publisher is hosting a cocktail party for developers and media and tomorrow at 1pm, Yodo1 is giving a hands-on demo of Kryptanium, their games-as-a-service platform -- click here to request an invite to either or both. CEO Henry Fong gave a talk today on how Yodo1 helped turn Ski Safari into a 70 million user hit in China -- check out the talk presentation and video here.

NativeX: Tomorrow night March 18th at 8pm, the mobile ad platform is having a party with Corona Labs featuring DJ Iota and Rob Monroy. The party is already sold out, but if you’re a media or analyst friend, we just might be able to get you a last-minute VIP ticket. E-mail us at nativeX@themixagency.com ASAP to request a ticket.

RockYou:  CEO Lisa Marino and her team are here taking many meetings, and talking about their new direction as a company. Here’s the RockYou contact page to request a meeting. Speaking of which, we helped RockYou design, write, and develop its new website, which we’re soft-launching today right here. We’re still working with the back-end team to complete the deployment, so if you notice any hiccups, please let us know.

Our clients are brilliant, and we love working with them, and hope you get to hang out with them at GDC too!