Our CEO Vanessa Camones has a new essay on The Next Web today, writing on the buzz around "growth hacking", arguing that the real key to growth is communication hacking. Excerpt:

Your product isn’t just about installs or clickthroughs – it’s an active topic discussed (or ignored, or celebrated, or hated) on multiple social media channels, including blogs. Nor can your user data surface user comments on multiple app pages, let alone respond to them... Growth hacking ignores the reality that product teams do not specialize in leveraging data for editorial and social media opportunities. If the product team sits on their data and doesn’t pass it on to marketing and communications, it actually becomes a hurdle to growth. For communication agencies to justify their future, they must immediately start adding a deep awareness of metrics and analytics to their tool chest, and make them a core part of how they work and plan.

Read the rest here on The Next Web.