Our CEO Vanessa Camones has a new essay on VentureBeat, explaining how venture capitalists are in the best position to help with the tech industry's problem with women:

Their silence is a mystery to me, because [VCs] have the most to lose from industry sexism — and the most to gain from demanding we improve. The thought occurred to me after reading about the latest example of juvenile offensiveness from a top executive at a hot startup: Aren’t the VCs who gave him so much money furious? Tens of millions of their dollars put in jeopardy not through a sudden shift in the market or change in business strategy, but bad personal behavior from grown men....

[T]he change that must happen first needs to be public-facing and pervasive, with VCs clearly conveying, via their websites, their social media channels, and speeches they make at incubators, hackathons, and other venues, the simple fact that adding women and attention to women to their business plan isn’t just a political nicety, but in a startups’ naked self-interest.

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