Swing Copters just went live in the App Store, and seeing as it's the follow-up game to the cult hit Flappy Bird, and we do communications for excellent game companies like Yodo1 and RockYou, a bunch of us at theMIX agency immediately downloaded it for an immediate review -- not just as a game, but also reviewing its potential from a marketing and business perspective.

Short version: We enjoyed the retro art and simple gameplay (easy to lose quickly, but also easy to quickly play a new game), but its chances at Flappy Bird-level success are unlikely. The title of the game is confusing (hello, the copter isn't swinging, and there's only one of them), and there's not enough emotional association with the hero of the game. Or as Amy just put it, "The Flappy Bird is cute, but I have no empathy for this guy. Flappy Bird was way cuter." (Which was a major reason why that game did so well with casual gamers; not to mention the implicit association with the epic Angry Birds franchise.) Games with retro graphics especially need an appealing character you want to root for -- think Mario or even Pac Man -- and this unnamed, bug-eyed, copter-headed hero doesn't cut it.

On the business side, the free app seems to be mainly monetized by a simple ad banner, which typically monetize poorly, but with so much build-up expectation for this game, should earn the creator Dong Nguyen a decent five figure take. But we seriously doubt it'll earn anything like Flappy's likely six figure gross.

On the personal side, none of us liked it as much as Flappy Bird; Liz is already threatening to junk it and go back to browsing Instagram. Then again, our CEO Vanessa got 3 points, so we got that going for us.