While weeding through all the Apple announcement coverage, you may have glossed over a few noteworthy pieces, but we sure didn’t… so we’ll help you catch up with a marketing analysis of the Apple launch, swiping right or left on Tinder, and an InstaCart and Whole Foods marriage:

Seth Fiegerman, Mashable: Whole Foods Partners With Instacart to Offer 1 Hour Grocery Deliveries

This grocery store chain is hopping on the delivery bandwagon, offering wholesome and natural products delivered to your doorstep. So far this is only being tested in a few cities (Boston and Austin) but will be launching in 15 other cities soon,.  

Mike R, Mobile Marketing Watch: Did Apple Sizzle or Fizzle with iPhone 6, Apple Watch Announcement?

An iPhone 6 in two different sizes, an Apple Watch, and a new U2 album. What else could you ask for? Apparently the pomp and circumstance impressed some stock traders and market analysts, but we’re rather unimpressed. The Apple Watch is a bit pricey, and no specific launch date is set on the calendar. And we HAVE to mention that we’re particularly annoyed with the unsolicited U2. Dre, did you not tell Apple U2 is old?

Anne Helen Petersen, BuzzFeed News: How I Rebuilt Tinder and Discovered the Shameful Secret of Attraction

Ultimately, this admittedly un-randomized sample seems to suggest that the raw idea of attraction...has much more to do with a combination of our deepest subconscious biases and with our most overt and uncharitable personal politics.” TL;DR, we’re all very superficial, and tend to prefer that our significant others look like US… i.e. race and social status.

Max Ogles, The Next Web: 5 Psychological Challenges Facing Wearables, Quantified and Behavior Change Apps

“For technology to have an effect on behavior change, it needs deeper engagement with the actual physical activity. Gamification might be one way to achieve this, but there may also need to be changes in user interface or hardware to really have the technology become part of the experience.This is also an area where the Apple Watch could have an impact. Many wearables lose their appeal over time because people get sick of tracking health data.” Did you know that 50% of wearable users give up after 6 months? I sure didn’t. We’re a healthy team here at tMa and the Health Kit and work out support apps have us intrigued. Could the Apple Watch be the answer to all the wearable problems?

Jacob Gershman, Wall Street Journal: Name of Apple’s Smartwatch Wasn’t a Secret, at Least in Trinidad and Tobago

The “iWatch” rumor is no longer. Its the “Apple Watch” and its actually been that way for awhile. Apparently Apple files for trademarks in the Caribbean so that their products stay secret as long as possible. The U.S. has an agreement with the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago (and other nations) which allows applicants to “...secure rights in a foreign country and then transfer them over to their home country.” Sneaky, sneaky Apple, sneaky, sneaky.