Just another busy week in the world of tech, with Apple leading the way. The iPhone 6 shipped and received pretty rave reviews...no surprise there. Chinese Internet giant Alibaba officially filed for IPO Friday morning after months of speculation and inquiry. Now if you can get through all the iPhone reviews, investors are slowly acknowledging the tech bubble (and you can read their emails), and Facebook is actually taking our opinions into consideration. We’ll help you catch up on everything:

Andrew Cunningham, Ars Technica:  iOS, Thoroughly Reviewed

"Huge for developers. Massive for everyone else. That was Apple's tagline for iOS 8 when the software was announced at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference back in June.” In related Apple news, our poll of female colleagues and friends showed the Apple Watch is a rampant NO, but the iPhone 6 will definitely be a hot commodity this fall. In fact, I know a few friends who are sitting at home, waiting dutifully for the UPS truck carrying their iPhone 6 right now.

James Stewart, The New York Times: Despite the Excitement, There’s Reason to Think Twice on Alibaba

“No Chinese Internet company is quite like Alibaba, so comparisons with Chinese stocks are difficult...There’s a lot of hype in Alibaba, and that’s what you’re seeing in the price.” No matter how Alibaba does, the Valley will definitely need to know more about Chinese tech companies—read James' blog post on just that, based on when he lived in China to help a tMa client.

Sam Biddle, Valleywag: Are Investors Afraid of the Tech Bubble? Let’s Read Their Emails

“For the first time in a long time, some of venture capital's biggest names are openly worried. Sky-high valuations, easy money, and mounting burn rates are on everyone's mind (and in everyone's blog posts). But what's the private reaction?” TL;DR… you have NINE months before investors start reigning in their spending. If you want the big bucks for your new startup, we recommend acting fast.

Marcus Wohlsen, WIRED: Digital Literacy is the Key to the Future, But We Still Don’t Know What it Means

“...‘learning to code’ is an exceedingly broad concept, and one which without more specifics risks oversimplifying conversations about what digital literacy really means. And how digital literacy is defined is important. This isn’t just about filling Silicon Valley jobs. It’s about educators, policy makers, and parents understanding how to give the rising generations of digital natives the tools they need to define the future of technology for themselves.” Obviously we need to invest in the education of younger generations—just handing them an iPad or a laptop is not educating them in technology.

Katie Richards, Business Insider: Facebook Wants to Know Why You Hate Their Ads

“Facebook is taking steps towards making your interaction with in-feed advertising a little bit better by asking you why you don't want to see a particular ad on your News Feed...come across an ad you don't want to see, and click out of the ad, Facebook will prompt you with the question: Why don't you want to see this?” I tend to get ads for things that haven’t been targeted properly. Like items for moms and babies. With this new update, I can now click “this isn’t relevant to me” and hopefully they’ll stop appearing in my newsfeed.