VentureBeat's “15 Interesting Startups to Watch in 2016”, features two of our awesome clients:

  • Fuse is promising to make collaboration between designers and developers easier. The company offers a tool, which recently became available to the public, that lets developers build apps similar to the way designers work in Photoshop, Sketch, or After Effects. It provides a “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG)-like editor that’ll work across various platforms. Fuse also offers real-time updating so developers don’t need to constantly output versions of their app to see how it runs — just one version will do for testing.
  • Layer brought forth its communication platform at an interesting time — just as messaging is growing in popularity, people want their real-time conversations to take place wherever they are. With Layer, developers can give their apps capabilities to let users talk with one another or incorporate a customer-service layer. And with its user interface kit, SDK, and API, there are many tools developers can choose from. In 2015, the company launched to the public andcreated a fund aimed at investing in app businesses that build on top of its platform. It also rolled out a turnkey messaging platform and a user interface tool called Atlas.

Read the whole post by Ken Yeung here -- and see you in the New Year!