As we prepare for a busy new year, we're thrilled to see two new executive guest posts on VentureBeat and The Next Web from SEWORKS, our mobile security client. Here's a couple highlights:

VentureBeat: The top 6 mobile security threats for 2016
"As we fast approach 2016, my security team and I have been compiling a forecast of mobile security trends and vulnerabilities that concern us most. My goal in outlining these threats is not to raise alarm or panic, but to paint a picture of the gravest security concerns we face in the coming year, and hopefully, encourage the industry at large to prepare for them now. With the proper precautions, most of them can be minimized, or forestalled altogether..." - Min-Pyo Hong, CEO and founder of SEWORKS, 

The Next Web: How to protect yourself and your apps from hacking this holiday season
"Sales on mobile sites and apps are increasing, especially during the holidays. As mobile purchases rise, so does credit card theft via mobile apps. Last year, credit cards were used in a staggering 53 percent of mobile commerce fraud, according to LexisNexis. And according to recent research my own firm just conducted, 100 percent of mobile commerce- related Android apps on Google Play’s top 200 list are decomposable exposing them to the very kind of credit card fraud I experienced..." - Mary Min, head of business development at SEWORKS

Read the rest on VentureBeat and on The Next Web -- and check back for more great client news as we head into 2016!