vanessa cio

Our CEO Vanessa Camones is quoted in two CIO Magazine features this week: 12 Standout Social Media Success Stories and 12 Shockingly Stupid Social Media Misfires. She notes how brands have leveraged social media in video and multi-platform campaigns to maximize click-throughs and overall engagement. On the flip side, Vanessa points to misfires that tend to squash engagement with customers and exacerbate antipathy toward the brand.

Check out a couple of the success story samples, below:

Vanessa on IKEA’s Bookbook video: "[It] showed us just how well trained we are to buy into the glossy look and feel of gadget features and functionalities depicted in Apple ads by demonstrating that a simple book is just as functional, if not more.”

Vanessa on the Mercedes-Benz Instagram/Facebook campaign: "What makes this campaign so successful, besides the double Instagram/Facebook branding that triggers click-throughs, is the whimsical and engaging nature of objects and composition of the images."

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