SEWORKS founder and CEO Minpyo Hong has a new guest post for VentureBeat, explaining what Apple and iOS need to learn from hacking history -- a topic Min knows extremely well from his many years as a top security consultant:

While it’s true that the vast majority of malicious hacks on mobile happen on Android, iOS apps are not as safe as their users like to believe. No doubt, Apple has done an impressive job keeping the App Store secure. However, reflecting on my last couple of decades in Internet security, I see some worrying trends. Similar vulnerabilities that plagued PCs and the web in the ’90s and 2000s are now appearing on mobile, and my concern is this new generation of mobile developers do not even remember them.

He goes on to argue that iOS developers are under an illusion that the iOS ecosystem is completely safe, missing the potential for human error inherent in the App Store review process, and the dangers to be found in jailbroken iOS devices. Min argues that Apple should address these issues now, concluding, "the company’s future — and, to a great extent, ours — depends on them doing that." Click here to read the rest.