Fuse co-founder and CEO Anders Lassen just published a new post on TechCrunch, “How Facebook’s React Native Will Change Mobile Apps”, arguing that the social network’s now-open sourced framework will help usher in a new era for mobile development, one that will help democratize app creation while also encouraging more creativity:

While allowing developers to write JavaScript, a very popular entry-level language that can run on all mobile devices, [React Native] displays the user interface using real native components. This is an attractive lifeline for JavaScript developers…

[N]ative app developers must spend minutes waiting for their tools to compile, deploy and launch on a mobile device. This isn’t just a time suck; it also kills the urge to be creative and experiment with new ideas… [React Native by contrast] can run anywhere, like in the browser of developers’ computers... Make a change, see the results instantly on the device or in an emulator; make apps faster, or spend extra time trying out new ideas.

Anders concludes by predicting that consumers can soon expect much better apps, even those created by small teams of indie developers. Sounds like we’re fast approaching an era when even more Internet content consumption will be done via native mobile. Read the full post here.