Apple VR Metaio

by James Au

Apple just confirmed acquisition of German company Metaio, which as the Journal reports, has developed augmented reality technology that enables “people wearing Google Glass-like eyewear to make any real world surface into a virtual touch screen.” This purchase assures Apple’s entrance into the virtual/augmented reality industry, a space we’ve been following closely over the last few years. Now just about all the world’s largest high-tech/Internet companies are active in virtual reality:

And that’s just an abbreviated list of announcements from this year and last -- many more are sure to come. These companies still face many hurdles launching VR to the consumer market, many of which we wrote about last year: “Virtual Reality Can Only Go Mass Market With a Smart Communications Strategy.” VR failed to go mass market durings it first vogue in the 90s, and then failed again ten years later after the buzz around Second Life and other virtual worlds fizzled out. So we’re watching closely to see how well this new wave of VR tech fares over the next few years.