This week VentureBeat featured a guest post by Min Pyo-Hong, CEO of our mobile security client SEWORKS, explaining why top dating apps are just waiting to be hacked:


Last month, my security team conducted an in-depth review of five top dating apps. Our findings were disturbing: Of the five apps we analyzed, all were vulnerable to hacking, containing exploits that would enable breaches similar to the infamous attack on Snapchat in 2014 or just last December, the leaking of users’ data from an HIV-positive dating app. The dating apps we reviewed are extremely well known. In fact, the two very most popular we analyzed have been downloaded between 10 million and 100 million times from Google Play alone.


VentureBeat also featured an in-depth interview with Ron Palmeri and Tomaz Stolfa, co-founders of our messaging platform client Layer, who told reporter Ken Yeung about messaging’s future and why some brands should skip Facebook:

Layer’s ask is simple: Developers shouldn’t have to spend countless hours building their own communication feature; instead, they can let Layer do it for them using its suite of tools. Facebook is taking this approach with its Messenger platform and has brought on board retail companies like Everlane and Zulily. However, trust can be an issue…

“Facebook is doing incredibly interesting work but they’re pulling everything into their context,” he continued. “The companies that we talked to want their own customer relationship. They don’t want it to go through Facebook. What’s interesting is that Facebook is pushing the ball forward as to what’s expected in messaging, which helps us.”


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