VentureBeat recently featured a guest post by Ron Palmeri, CEO of our client Layer, explaining the implications of Facebook’s closure of Parse:

I think the future of Internet engagement may not belong to any one platform or any single walled garden but to thousands of mobile mega-niches of messaging and conversation. If I’m right about that, Facebook just did developers who’ve come to rely on Parse an enormous favor by killing it — no longer dependent on a company dedicated to channeling the entire Internet experience into its own apps, they are now free to consider platforms that enable them to build experiences that benefit their users — as opposed to Facebook’s dominance.


And Gamasutra, the leading game industry news outlet, just featured an “Expert Blogger” post by William Grosso, CEO of Scientific Revenue, outlining in-app purchase strategies for mobile games moving away from premium downloads:

Despite the breakout success of exceptions like Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter and Blizzard’s Hearthstone, many AAA studios seem hesitant to embrace IAP. Why? There a lot of reasons. For starters, most IAP revenue models involve a virtual currency- based economy, which can clash with many traditional genres and game styles beyond MMOs and RPGs… But unless you’re creating a mobile game port of an extremely well-known console or PC title (more on that below), the reality is that trying to succeed simply through paid downloads or intrusive in-game ads is an incredibly risky proposition.

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