Adweek's article today, "Why South by Southwest—in Its 30th Year and More Branded Than Ever—Still Matters", features Vanessa explaining why she continues recommending SXSW to Silicon Valley colleagues:

[V]eteran attendee Vanessa Camones, founder and CEO of theMIX agency, agreed. "People ask me, 'Why would you still go? What's the benefit for you?'" said Camones. "The reason—part of it anyway—is that if you are a startup and you're in media or digital and you need to find partnerships and you want to get closer to brands and you want to understand how that ecosystem works, SXSW is probably the best place to do that." 

If you're attending SXSW this weekend and you'd like to meet Vanessa there, please tweet at her @vanessacamones!